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From The Office Of Sir Jones Kofi Apawu
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My dear friend,
  • Do have big goals and a vision and you are ready to make a shift or change to make them happen.
  • Are you in need of timely, practical and implementable information to take your career, business, finances and more to the next level.
  • Are you ready to discover (or rediscover) a sense of empowerment, confidence and a new passion for who you are and what you do.
  • Are you seeking valuable connections with other successful like-minded individuals doing incredible things.
  • Do you want to gain expert knowledge to learn the action steps needed to achieve more.
  • Do you desire to reconnect with the dreams and aspirations you may have set aside.
  • Are ready to get focused, move past procrastination and manage the fear the holds you back.
  • Are you ready to break the chains of fear that is holding you captive and keeping you from living the life you deserve
  • Are you ready to master your mindset and develop an unbreakable confidence.
  • Are you ready accelerate your productivity and performance in ALL areas of life
  • Are you ready to create a life of freedom and abundance, personally and financially.
  • Are you ready to conquer your social anxiety, improved your communication skills, live a fully charged life.

If You Answered YES to any or all of the questions above, then the TWC Inner Circle can help you if you are ready and willing to the work.

Yes, THE NEXT LEVEL LEGACY BUILDERS CLUB can help take your life and business to the next level, if you are ready to commit to the process.  In effect, this CLUB is not everyone. 

My team and II want to serve people who want to be served with great value and as such are willing to commit time, money and effort into improving their lives and businesses.

I don’t want to dread the coaching sessions but rather be excited about them. For this to happen, I must serve people who share common values with me. Yes! I only want the best, most committed, most driven individuals on board.

How will you feel if you join only to meet jerks, complainer, pretenders, losers and energy drainers? You wouldn’t want that, right? Good! 

So, if you understand and appreciate that, read on to discover more reasons why it's exactly what you need to change and become an agent of change . Let's start with the programs, tools and resources that you will be getting as a member.

Here Is What You Get As A Member 

1. Being The Legacy Mastermind Calls

Bi-weekly mastermind call dedicated taking care of you and vision of building a legacy.

2. Building A Legacy Mastermind Calls

Bi-weekly mastermind calls dedicated the legacy you are committed to building

3. Facebook Group/Community

This you meet other legacy builders to network and take inspiration. 

4. The Sir Jones Effect

This is a once a month exclusive one - on - one coaching with Sir Jones. Yes, Sir Jones coaches you for 30 minutes


Yes! I will ship to you The Wake up! Work it! Win it! true winners' grind mantra t-shirt and mug. 

6. SIRMOTIVATEPro Daily Motivator A Planner

This will serve as your ultimate daily motivator, primer & planner.  This alone can bring you the transformation you seek.

7. Thank God IT's Tough Weekly Videos

These are weekly video to help you acknowledge God in your grind so can you keep grinding. pushing pass all obstacles to make the legacy a reality.

8. A Better You Academy ( with Instant Access To The First 6 Months

Motivated to grow academy is a month to month personal growth program. Basically, each month I grant enrolled members access to either a mini course, a full course or a 30 Day challenge . As member of THE NEXT LEVEL LEGACY BUILDERS CLUB you get full access to the academy as a bonus. Not only that, I will grant you instant access to the first SIX Months contents. Below are the courses

Over $70,000 In Value

Yes, over $70,000 in value. Interestingly, it's just the beginning. Join now, get locked in as a founding member and save on future price increase. It's a yearly and monthly payment  options. My dear, which is your style?

Still In Doubt? I get It. Here Is Why This Is Exactly What You Need To Create Success And Manifest Your Dreams 

There are basically six principles to achieving our goals

  • Set the goal
  • Set the deadline 
  • Get someone to keep you accountable
  • Ask for support
  • Have a plan
  • Take action, stay committed


To me,  the three most important principles,  from the list above, that will make any goal achievement possible are: 

  • Having someone to keep you accountable,
  • Receiving support and
  • Taking action, staying committed.

I tag them to be most important because It's their absence that has cause lots of people to either fail or give up on their goals and dreams. But as a member of the TWC Inner Circle NEXT LEVEL LEGACY BUILDERS CLUB, you will receive, not only the accountability, community support and motivation to stay committed but also leadership, guidance, exclusive training, tools and resources. My dear, you get to make things happen for you. 

Here are the exact premises on which I created the inner circle: 

  • I believe we all came into this world with the ability to win at life. But that will not happen without a commitment to living the winning life. The winning life refers to the required work we have to do on ourselves to transform and become our best selves, unleash our full potential, create wealth, have massive impact on the lives of many, and leave legacies.
  • I believe that if we keep finding excuses not to do the things that are required for success to happen for us, we will forever remain stuck, frustrated, broke and unhappy.
  • I believe that to put ourselves on the fast track to success we have to work and network with group of motivated, dedicated, and passionate people who are driven to help each other succeed.
  • I believe in coaching. Having someone at our side who motivates, inspires, and drives us forward. A coach who never let's give up and is always there to push us further.

Want To Know More About Me And My Mission? Here Is My Story.


Look, I am blessed to have found my life’s work which is to help people own their roles as True Winners. My dear, I wouldn’t have said same about two decades ago when I lost father. Up until his demise, all I ever hoped of becoming were the plans he had for me. So when he died, he left with my dreams. (so I thought during that period of my life). 

Situations got worse when I was not accepted into Business School to at least fulfill a part of the dream: become an accountant. “Now that the root of my dreams is no more, what will become of me? This was the question I kept asking myself. I was lost and confused.

You see, I developed that habit of reading motivational books and biographies of successful people earlier in my teens, thanks to my elder brother, Richard. This particular habit turned out be the game changer.

One afternoon, after reading Robbert Schuller’s Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do, I reached the decision to create new a meaning and future for life.

“When suddenly that crystal clear water becomes muddy, you get up and find ways to make it crystal clear again”. With these words, I plunged into massive actions. 

I join an organisation called Foundation For Future Leaders International and the training, coaching and mentoring I received change my perspective on life and success, increased my hunger to serve humanity, and more importantly brought back hope, clarity and focus into my life. 

I discovered the transforming power of personal development and became an addict. This personal development adventure led to the discovery of my life’s mission: 

To help others become the true winners they were created to be through coaching, speaking, training and writing.

I have since invested more than $100,000 in my personal and professional development 

My current circle of influence include mentors and coaches like Brendon Butchard, Frank Kern, JT Fox, Lissa Nicoles, Darren Hardy, Grant Cardone, Dean Graziozi, Anik Singal, Les Brown, John Maxwell, Bob Practor and many others.

So , THE NEXT LEVEL LEGACY BUILDERS CLUB is to grant you and many others first hand access to the experiences, skills, tools and insights I have acquired dedicating years of decade to studying and learning from the world’s best mentors and Leaders. 

More importantly, it is to provide you with a place to challenge yourself –  step out of your comfort zone, and grow consistently into the person you need to become so you can make huge difference in this world, tapping into the latest and effective tools and training while surrounded by other true winners to give you the accountability you need.

Are You Ready And Committed To Turning Your Life Around? I Mean, Are You Truly Ready To:

  • Have me and other inner circle members at your side to motivate, inspire, and drive you forward. A coach that will never let you give up and is always there to push you further.
  • Get access to the latest tools, techniques, resources, ideas, and strategies that are driving success in 2019, and be the first to find out what is working right now.
  • Get access time-tested strategies as well as the latest innovations to build and maintain momentum.
  • Get the consistency you need to constantly propel yourself forward and achieve greater success faster.
  • Stay focused and motivated to continue driving yourself forward to better and bigger  things.
  • Stop procrastinating on your dreams and goals.
  • Stop sabotaging your own success.
  • Grow your courage and confidence consistently.
  • Become super organised and productive.
  • Stay focus and committed to the majors of your life and business.
  • Stay positive, hungry and motivated to achieve bigger success, no matter what
  • Make success happen for you, faster and live the life of your dreams.

Ultimately, become my definition of true winning, which is for you to become extraordinary so that your impact, influence and income will be same.

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Here Is What Others Are Saying About Me

Your messages keep me going. I have been going through hard times (breakup and more) but when ever I read your motivational messages I smile. Thanks for always beings there.Sir


Hello Sir Jones. I can’t thank you enough but may God bless you. Ever since you came into my life, you have developed me into an unbeatable giant hungry for success and very positive. I have learnt how to find positives even in the worst situations. I see myself growing stronger and becoming an achiever everyday. I am completing my Electrical Engineering degree in May next year. Wish you could be there on my graduation. Thank you Thank you and Thank you.


Thanks for that powerful encouragement. I have made up my mind to stick to my dreams no matter what comes on my way. Thanks, God bless you Sir.


My Dear, Things Don't Just Happen. They Are Made To Happen. Take Action Now Or Keep Regretting. 


Here is what I mean: 

Until your works or efforts match your wants or desires, you will forever remain where you are. In effect, having what it takes and doing whatever it takes are two different things. It’s the doing that make things happen. The action is the magic pill. 

I meet lots people with dreams and ideas that could make them millions or at least give them the life of their dreams, if they COMMIT to making them happen.  But  they never dare to take the chance.

This is why I am so PASSIONATE ABOUT THE INNER CIRCLE.  It's here to get people take action and make thing happen, even if they don't feel ready. 

 If you are reading this today and you have dreams and ideas parked in your dream-storage-house, then LET'S BRING THEM OUT. It’s time you grab one of these ideas and attack it.

It's not going to be easy but trust the inner circle, not to give only the tools, strategies, tactics, insights and leadership you need to get , but also the motivation and support to push through all kinds of difficulties.

You see, we live in the best times, especially for people who love to do something on their own. Because this best-time will not last forever, taking action on your ideas fast or even faster is crucial.

So, instead of always over analyzing to fish out for reasons why one idea would not work, why not just follow your heart, give it a try and adjust things as you go.

The truth of the matter is, there are always reasons why something would not work. Your negative voice will always find reasons for you.

Similarly, there are always reasons why some ideas are worth giving a try, and that should be your prime focus. Your readiness to take a chance with an idea kicks in by asking yourself the following question;

  • How can I make this work?
  • What are the possible positive outcomes if I make this work?
  • Who should I consult, what should I read or where should I go for help?

These questions will help you create a possibility map. And creating this possibility map and more is at the heart of TWC Inner Circle.

To me, dream building or success is not about keeping one foot on the break. Like, just testing the waters. No! You need to jump in with both feet. Take the dive and commit yourself absolutely. Believe in yourself knowing that you have the power and will to make things happen. Also, trust that the dot will connect as you journey along. 

Let me help you. I created TWC INNER CIRCLE for you and your ultimate success.  My dear, by joining TWC INNER CIRCLE THE NEXT LEVEL LEGACY BUILDERS CLUB and getting regular live access to me –  and my team , you will get that consistent clarity, focus and energy that you are lacking right now. 

You have been there before. You have read a great book, watch a powerful motivational video, got all fired up, and then set about changing your life and grow your business. But then the enthusiasm dies. Something comes up, life gets in the way, and you lose the momentum. 

Success is an every day stuff. It’s requires consistent daily effort on your part. There will be days when you will not be enthusiastic, it will all seem like too much hard work. And that’s where your coach and your community comes in. They hold you accountable, push to stay committed, assist when you feel lost and stuck 

Your coach will be your mentor and your guide on the journey you are taking. When you wake up feeling like giving up, your coach will be there to motivate you. Your coach and mentor will help you show up when you don’t feel like it.

When you hit a dead end – which will surely happen-, your coach will suggest another direction. The fact is you need to strive for success every single day if you want to reach your goals. And this is only possible with a solid success stem – a coach

Just imagine your life a year from now after going hard and strategic on one of your ideas.



Join now, get locked in as a founding member and save on future price increase. It's A Yearly And Monthly Payment Options. Which Is Style? 


**Money back guarantee: 

Well, if after 14 days – (your first two weeks ) if you think this coaching circle is not what I told you it is or it’s not bringing you your desired transformation, you can cancel your subscription and I will have all your money refunded back to you with no question asked.

**Cancel anytime guarantee: 

If you don’t love the circle anymore, just cancel anytime by responding to any of our emails. You can cancel any month and you won’t be billed again. However, a cancellation does not refund previous months’ charges because we delivered for you! Sounds fair, right?


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